You have found the second iteration of the ON-LINE Bird of Prey(BoP), Calontir’s Journal of Combat.

It is not published by the SCA Inc., The Kingdom of Calontir, The Office of the Kingdom Chronicler, or the Office of the Kingdom Earl Marshal.  It is published via WordPress by me, Vels inn viggladi,  and as it states above this will be a publication “by and for the fighters and Army of Calontir” (a tag line (minus “the Army”) coined in the first issue of the Bird of Prey by its original Publisher, Sir Robert of the Woodlands, known as Zavak.)

Sir Halvgrímr Aðálraðarson, the second editor of the Bird of Prey and the one who brought it “On-Line” in the early 2000’s, included the “and Army” part so that our wonderful support crews (IV Company, the Chirurgeons, and Line Archers) that support the Armies’ efforts while at war can also have input on the articles that can appear in the publication.

The Bird of Prey is always looking for submissions. I heartily recommend that anyone that is interested in writing any sort of article relating to fighting/ the army to  contact me or use the contact form on the “Submissions” tab. Length is not a question at this point so write away!
Don’t feel that you have to pack all you want to say into one page, so far the sky is the limit. Again authors are not limited to fighter type, those that are mentioned above are just as welcome to submit articles about their chosen contributions to the Calon Army, for without them the mighty Falcon does not fly as fiercely.

Comments and discussion about every article are welcomed and prized.

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