Drx’s “Get Em on the field” Latin Lessons

Written and Prepared by Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis. Previously Appearing in the Online Bird of Prey, Vol 9, 2003


Ever wanted to join in those famous Andrixos “Waiting for the lay on/during a hold” Latin Lessons but were just to intimidated by not knowing exactly what was being said?

Well fear no more Master Drx has put his words, complete with a pronunciation guide,  to paper for those that are better at learnin’ from paper!

So get the jump on your fellow fighters and learn the wisdom that flows forth from our most famous Byzantine (well sort of;) so that at the Next war you to can stand proudly and say things that will make most folks say, “Huh?”

You’ll be amazed at the things you will be able to say by the time you are done, things that range from, “Do you wanna go?” to “Hey sailor, new in town?”, other people will marvel at the things that come out of your mouth!

So by all means work diligently to increase your knowledge, for to be Calontiri means to exercise your Mind for War as well as your Fighting Skill!

Onto the lesson:

       Do ya wanna go?
Visne ire?
(Wissnay eeray?)

   You alone please me.
Tu sola mihi placet.
(Too sohlah meehee plahket.)

You’ve got a pretty mouth.
Os pulchrum habes.
(Ohs pulkroom hahbays)

     We are a flock of sheep.
Sumus grex agni.
(Soomoos grecks ahgnee.)

      Sheep with teeth.
Agni dentati.
(Ahgnee denTAHtee)

   We have a plan.
Consilium habemus.
ConnSILLeeoom hahBAYmoos

  It is a clever plan.
Consilium callidum est.
(ConnSILLeeoom CALeedoom est.)

      It is too clever to fail twice.
Non potest vinci bis.

     It is so clever, you could slap a tail on it and call it a weasel.
Si caudatum, mustela sit.
(See cowDAHtoom, moosTELLah sit.)

This is a weinie plan.
Hoc est consilium farcimen.
Hohk est ConnSILLeeoom FAHRkeemen.

   We are surrounded by madmen.
Insani adsunt.

    Perhaps you do not understand my desires.
Fortasse meas cupiditates non intellegis.
(ForTAHsay MAYas cooPidiTAHtes nohn intelLEGis)

Hey sailor, new in town?
Eheu, nauta, novusne in urbe?
(AYoo NOWtah, nohWOOSnay in ERBay?)

You have a beer.
Cervisiam habes.
(KehrWISee ahm HAHbays.)

    I have no beer.
Cervisiae careo.
(KehrWISee eye  CAHR ay oh.)

What kind of friend are you?
Qualis amicus es?
(KWAHlis AHMeekoos es?)


Your mother wears army boots.
Mater tua caligas gerit.
(MAHtehr TOOah CAHLeegahs GEHRit)


I have a polearm.
Securem habeo.
(SayKOORem HAHbayoh)


Your head broke my polearm.
Caput securem fregit.
(KAHpoot SayKOORem FRAYgit.)


 Damn Rhinohider.
O Atenveldtus

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