Jerky Inspires Calon Shieldwall tactics at Gitmo

Originally published in the Online Bird of Prey, Volume 5, Third Quarter 2002

The following from a private e-mail has been forwarded with permission from Ld Damien MacGavin:


Little did I know that munching on the Calon army jerky only made me long to fight other wars.  Things here at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are not too different from what you see on CNN and the local news.  We work everyday in the prison camp in the sun and think of what’s going on back home.  Once in a while we do make it to the beach and relax but then it’s right back to the same grind over and over.  I read everyone’s notes from the book signed at Coronation, and I thank you all for the kind words.  I think of back home in Calontir and long for it and to be back there daily .

One of the better parts of this trip away from Calontir is my job here.  One part of which involves training in “Riot Control Formations” and makes me gleam with joy when it is mentioned.  This is the one place where both of the Armies that I support actually come to an agreement.  No kidding, I end up in Kevlar body armor, helmet with grill, elbow and knees, a 48″ plastic shield and my 36″ solid ash riot baton (just like home!).  Next thing I knew I was wrapping my riot baton in duct tape because “It just didn’t look right”.

Then, after flipping through the army’s “riot control procedures” I promptly took the manual and tossed it to the side, telling my guys “let me show you another way”.  Next thing I know, there are large groups with shields going after one another, and I’m feeling a little more at home with every minute.

Now after some basic Calontir shield wall instruction given by yours truly, and much to the dismay of our superiors, our line was just as strong as the war proven shield walls that I long to be behind.  Things were glorious and I was loving it and just then, I was reminded in the only way one should be, that all men can and will fall with enough tear gas.  After sitting down on the ground coughing and gagging for a good 20 minutes, I realized my lesson that day and thanked the stars that I wouldn’t be seeing that one at my next war.

Until then, I count the days to get back on the field and with the Calontir army, and I shall try to bring the other army of our land up to par with our standards, except for the tear gas thing of course!

Still in service to Country, justice, Kingdom and the shire of Deodar..

Damian MacGavin
Spc. Adam Hoge

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