Why Calontir has fewer BLOWSHUCKAGUYS than other Kingdoms

Originally Published in the Online Bird of Prey, Volume 4, Apr-Jun 2002.


With the permission of the authors (Sir Halvgrim, as Editor) included one of Master Craig’s recollection of the past in this issue. This comes from a discussion basically about why Calontir has fewer BLOW SHUCKA GUYS than other kingdoms:

This was intentional, and developed as a philosophy of fighting in the first 3-4 reigns. And that is why, long ago, it was decided to make the Fyrd the guardians and sentinels for that sort of thing. If a fighter knows he can’t be a Fyrdman or Huscarl and be a rhino he drops that behavior, or leaves.

I was there for those discussions in the Fyrd ( though I was not yet a fyrdman). That was when Pavel was a fyrdman, and the kingdom was young. We knew we had a chance at creating something magical, if we could institutionalize chivalry and honor in a practical sort of way. This method was chosen.

Those with a reputation for rhinoing or excessive force, were not made fyrdmen. The some of the Huscarls and Chiv were pretty pissy about it at first, they had buds they wanted in.

Pavel took a fair bit of heat. I even got into the fight defending him and this novel idea of not promoting rhinos and excessive hitters. After about 5 years, enough of the new Hus were old fyrdman and carried the dream with them, and the new fyrd carried the torch. In another couple of years, right on schedule, the Chiv were dominated by those early Fyrdman and all orders now were in agreement, tradition had been established. I was proud to have had a small part in that process. Lots of folks took heat and had to stand up for the idea that we in Calontir wanted to do something different and good.

Kirk is right, once the rhinos rule, you can’t get rid of them. So we decided to smother them in the cradle.

(Halv’sNote) When I originally asked him if I could cross post it he had the following to say:

Sure. Clarify that I was not AT Fyrd meetings per se, but I had lots of conversations with the Fyrd Leaders as we hammered out the strategy. Pavel was the main torch carrier on it for a decade. Couldn’t have happened without him.

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